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Initials on Canvas


Here is an easy kids craft idea that turns out really fantastic!

All you need is:

  • 8×10 canvas (dollar store)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Craft paint

Using painter’s tape form the letter of your child’s first name to your desired size centered on the canvas. Ensure tape is secure and flat.


Let your child paint the canvas as they please (encourage them to be creative and mix the colours however they want).

Let the canvas dry, and then remove the tape to reveal their initial!

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Valentine’s Tree Handprints


This is an easy and adorable Valentine’s Day craft that I did with my daughters. I was inspired by some online photos of children’s handprints made into trees for Fall crafts, and thought I could customize them especially for Valentine’s Day as a beautiful keepsake that I can enjoy every year.

I bought a 2 pack of canvases at Dollarama (yup only $1 for 2). I then painted the girls hands and a couple inches up their arms in brown paint and they made imprints to make the tree (I did paint in the trunk a bit to even it out and make it look more like a trunk). The girls then used their index fingers to make grass. I then used my handy dandy Silhouette cutting machine to make tiny hearts in 5 different shades of pink and the girls glued on the hearts however they wanted. Our finishing touch was a little Valentine owl with googly eyes sitting on the tree branch (the space in between their index finger and thumb was perfect!).

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